About Badges

Open Badges: A new credential for the 21st Century

Credentials are a way of telling others what you know, can do, and have accomplished. However, traditional credentials are not very good at capturing everything you have learned and the ways you have grown through formal courses as well as informal settings. Open Badges are a new type of micro credential that can help showcase more of what you know and can do. Because they are open, you can collect badges from many different providers into digital backpacks. Because they are digital, you can embed metadata into a badge, such as when you earned it, who gave it to you, and what you accomplished.

Video: What is a Badge?

Who uses open badges?

Open Badges are being issued by providers around the world, including major universities like Penn State, Seton Hall, Purdue, and Brigham Young University. Many employers are learning about Open Badges and appreciate the additional information it provides about applicants.

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What about in the field of education?

Open Badges are still new, but they are growing in popularity in education. National teacher preparation organizations support open badges, as well as the U.S. Department of Education. Many school districts now offer open badges as professional development for teachers!

Video: Global Gateway Digital Badging System

How do I get started?

You can earn badges from Badgeschool.org by creating a free account and browsing our badge options from many providers.

How do I share my open badges on Linkedin or social media?

When you earn badges on Badgeschool.org, you can export them to Mozilla’s Open Backpack. From there, you can organize badges earned from all over the Internet into collections, and each collection can be shared via social media or on Linkedin. This tutorial shows how.